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And where love is concerned, this anime couple is a match made in heaven.All in all, these two were made for each other — you know, planets aligning and stuff like that.

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From science fiction thrillers to childhood adventures, anime (Japanese animation) comes in many forms and genres.

But no matter the classification, almost every anime series involves a love story featuring a power couple who will stop at nothing to see love win.

Another children's anime from the same time period was the highly popular "Dragon Ball Z," which originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network in 1998 as part of their afternoon block of animated programming called "Toonami." This show is appropriate for TV-Y7 (meaning viewers 7 and over) and features one of my favorite anime couples: Vegeta and Bulma.

Their energy is dynamic on screen and although most people assumed the intelligent and cool-headed (mostly) Bulma would choose Yamcha, the love between her and the hot-tempered Vegeta is a joy to watch unfold.

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