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Sean and Danielle met on an online dating site after Sean was convinced by a friend to make an account.Sean had his dating profile set up for one day when he received a message from Danielle... Their love story began with one simple word, “Hey :)”.Julie & Danielle have been friends since 1st grade!Some of Danielle's favorite memories with Julie involve having picnics in the rain, playing in the snow until they almost lost their legs to frost bite, and hiding their barbie stuff as they went 2 blocks over so boys wouldn't see them a find out they still played with barbies at 12 years old. They are best friends and they share the same birthday! Danielle loves that Anna is such a fiercely loyal friend and loves how great of a mother she is to her girls. Danielle and Rachel have shared a lot of special moments.Sean and Jon share a special bond and a special brand of humor that they are worried people will not understand. John Manseau, commonly know by his peers as "Mansaw" has been close friends with Sean for a long time, and even helped Sean realize his goals of becoming an artist when he encouraged him to doodle during spanish class.Thanks to this, John and Sean cannot speak a lick of Spanish.On the second to last day of the vacation Sean asked Danielle to marry him while they were on top of the Space Needle.Strangers and friends cheered as a crying Danielle said yes to the love of her life.

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Sean had decided that while on the trip he was going to propose and enlisted everyone to help.They may also be found playing random video games and making their girlfriends buy them dinner.Sean and Shawn have been good friends since high school and share lots of great stories from hanging out together.They both knew that they were meant for each other after that very first date and were inseparable after that day.They dated nearly three wonderful years before Sean proposed.

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