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is the new studio collaboration between 7-time GRAMMY-nominated pianist-composer-bandleader Omar Sosa and London-based Senegalese singer and kora master Seckou Keita. The project idea grew out of Sosa’s impromptu addition to a mid–2012 date with drummer Marque Gilmore at the CLF Art Café in London, in what was Sosa and Keita’s first musical encounter.

Profoundly moved by the experience, Omar told Seckou he wanted to invite him to work together on a future recording project.

Clinical Tasks The main goals of the Clinic are to provide accurate diagnosis patients as soon as possible, appropriate therapies for each patient, highly qualified medical and paramedical staff, professional and human support for the patient and family members.

For this to be possible, all staff working in the facility, doctors, nurses, auxiliaries, technicians, and administrators, must make a full commitment.

E’ articolato in servizi ambulatoriali, attività di ricovero ordinario e in regime di Day Hospital.

La casa di cura, inoltre, offre consulenze ambulatoriali tra cui citiamo solo a titolo esemplificativo il Centro per la diagnosi e cura delle Cefalee, il Centro per la terapia dell’obesità e del sovrappeso, il Centro per la diagnosi e cura della Malattia di Parkinson e disturbi del movimento, il Centro per la diagnosi e cura della Sclerosi multipla.

In connection with a concert date in Shanghai in July 2014, Omar arranged a side trip to Beijing to record Wu Tong’s traditional flute overdubs.

Tokyo-born, Paris-based koto player Mieko Miyazaki came to Omar’s attention via her recorded work with French jazz guitarist Nguyên Lê.

Omar possesses an incomparable capacity to bring the most diverse traditions into fruitful juxtaposition, moving through and far beyond his influences, from the folkloric to the classical, while sustaining a singular and joyous cosmopolitan voice.

It is divided into outpatient services, ordinary hospitalization and Day Hospital.

The nursing home also offers outpatient counseling, including the Headache Center for Obesity and Hypersensitivity Center, the Center for Disease and Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and movement disorders, the Center for the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis..

Compiti della Clinica Gli obiettivi principali della Clinica sono quelli di offrire ai degenti diagnosi accurate nel minor tempo possibile, terapie adatte per ciascun paziente, personale medico e paramedico altamente qualificato, sostegno professionale ed umano al malato ed ai familiari.

Affinché ciò sia possibile è necessario che tutto il personale che lavora nella struttura, medici, infermieri, ausiliari, tecnici ed amministrativi, si impegni a fondo.

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