Restore an iphone without updating news24 online dating

Yes, it is quite possible to restore i Pad without updating.You can use third party software, or simply go through hacks which will stop the i Pad from updating the i OS version.i Skysoft i Pad Data Recovery is a great application for those who cannot safely edit system files.I have an i Phone 6 on i OS 9 that I forgot the password for, so i do not have access inside the phone.The device will be recognized by the application; click on the “Start” button to start the restoration process.Step 2: Download and choose the required firmware You will be presented with a list of the firmware that you need; you can also select the i OS version that you want to keep.

However, one thing that you should note is that the i OS will be updated when you use this method.At that point, it’s effectively become an expensive brick!It’s an incredibly frustrating situation to be in, especially since you may lose all the data on your device if you haven’t backed it up in a while.The simple answer is that the guys at Apple are smarter than you and have built the OS so that you can't do this. You could always try handing it in and see if there's a reward - it's better than getting a criminal conviction for theft/handling!An i Phone in recovery mode is almost entirely useless to someone.

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